ISLAMABAD 0-  The Federal government has decided to remove the non-performing Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the Distribution Companies (Discos) if they fail to meet the assigned targets in the next review meeting scheduled in mid December.

“Pepco should prepare a list of officer based on seniority and track record of performance for replacement of the present CEOs in case they fail to achieve targets and KPIs in the next review meeting,” directed Federal Minister for Power Awais Laghari in a meeting here with all the CEOs of Discos via video link. The meeting was also attended by senior officials from Power Division and Pepco.

The minister directed that non-performing CEOs of the Distribution Companies be shown the door if they fail to meet the targets assigned to them in the next review meeting scheduled mid of December 2017. The minister asked the Pepco to set targets and prepare key performance indicators to gauge the ability of the present CEOs of all Discos in this regard.

The target includes reducing losses, increase revenue collections and control overbilling, an official aware of the development told The Nation. When asked that how many CEOs are on the hit list, the official said that at least three CEOs are in hot water with the Pesco chief is on the top of the list. The Pesco chief is politically appointed and Power Division has already issued him final show-cause notice due to the company’s worst performance in meter reading and overcharging its customer.

Similarly, show-cause notices were also served to the CEOs of Sepco, Hesco and Qesco for poor performance regarding accurate mobile meter reading. It is pertinent to mention here that the former Pesco CEO Anwarul Haq was appointed by BoD but the government sent him on force leave and was later transferred to Wapda. The incumbent CEO of Pesco has been nominated by the federal government, on political basis, on stop gap arrangement and his appointment was not endorsed by the BODs. This is the main reason that the federal minister has time and again said that no political, personal or other kind of influence will work anymore. The minister further said that those looking towards such means should find some other venues.

Laghari further directed the Pepco to write letter to all BoDs of the Discos to strictly monitor the performance of their respective Discos and take strong actions as per the existing rules against those failing to achieve target set out. He urged that BoDs must play their roles as described under the law and corporate governance rules. He said that the Power Division will take all steps to strengthen the BoDs.

The minister made it clear that only performance and merit will prevail and those working hard must get the chance to serve the people. He said that the dynamics of Power sector must change 180 degrees and it must change accordingly to the aspiration of the consumers. He said that consumers service and facilitation is the central point of the CEO’s performance and all other indicators like controlling losses, improving recoveries and better service delivery must be associated with it.