KARACHI  - Expressing grave concern over the issue of cancellation of the NTS test for admissions in government-run medical colleges of Sindh province, Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor on Friday demanded justice for the meritorious medical students to save their future. 

In a statement, he said that the cancellation of the NTS test in Sindh for admissions in medical colleges has created unrest amongst the students who have passed this test, and their parents. 

He said when a similar case was reported in Punjab province; the Punjab government not only unearthed the whole mafia chain but also arrested them. He said in Sindh nobody is yet to be arrested and even it is not proved if the NTS test paper was really leaked. He said the Pasban opposes the cancellation of the NTS test and considers it injustice with the meritorious candidates.  

He said that the decision about the retest is uncalled for, as the test conducted by the NTS was fair and transparent enough. He said retest in this regard would be murder of test. He said due to corruption in Sindh, some quarters are against the rule of merit. These elements are bent to end the role of NTS in Sindh so to restart their corrupt practices. He appealed the apex judiciary to take notice of this issue and dole out justice to the meritorious candidates, who have already passed the NTS test. Altaf Shakoor also demanded action against what he called a mafia of private medical colleges.  

He asked what role is playing the institutions like Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) to stop exploitation of medical students and their parents. He demanded to end malpractices of the owners of private medical colleges and ask them to conduct their admissions after the completion of the admission process in government medical colleges.  

He said Pasban is holding a protest demo along with the affected students, their parents and civil society in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC), adding they will also file a petition to get justice for the affected students.