TOBA TEK SINGH-The Nadra is going to close its Gojra office and merged it into Toba office, citing unavailability of a suitable building to shift it there.

According to a notice displayed on the door of the Nadra office read that as dispute between the Municipal Corporation and Nadra over the existing office building could not be settled so far. Therefore, the unavailability of a suitable building to shift the office in Gojra is forced the Nadra to close the office and merged it into Toba DHQ Nadra office within next few days.

The public is being advised through this notice to contact Toba Nadra office in future.

In 2007, the Nadra set up the Gojra office in a hall located adjacent to Gojra MC library. The then TMA nazim Asad Zaman Cheema had provide the said hall without any rent to the Nadra for the purpose. When his tenure ended, the TMA administration demanded rent of Rs5000 per month and same was being paid but in 2016 the TMA administration demanded Rs20,000 per month rent and when Nadra head office approved the raise in the rent, the MC administration again raised it to Rs25,000 per month and now the MC is demanding Rs100,000 as rent per month while it had filed a suit against Nadra to get vacate its building in which court directed Nadra to vacate the MC building. Human rights activist advocate Umair Ahmad has condemned the MC chairman for his move to close the Nadra Gojra tehsil office. He regretted that the closure of local Nadra office would force hundreds of citizens and villagers to travel long distance to Toba to apply for CNIC and other Nadra certificates. He demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to order the MC chairman to restrain of getting the hall vacated from Nadra.