SMOSCOW - The US company Ocean Infinity, contracted by the Argentinian authorities to search for the missing ARA San Juan submarine, has located the vessel that had been missing since November 2017, the Argentinian Navy said on Saturday.

On Friday, media reported that a large object had been found in the area where the sub was believed to went missing.

“Argentina’s Defense Ministry and Navy say that after examining object 24 located by the Ocean Infinity company with the help of a remote device at the depth of 800 meters [2,625 feet], the location of the ARA San Huan submarine was determined,” the Navy wrote on Twitter.

The Argentinian authorities resumed the search for the submarine in late October after they concluded a contract with Ocean Infinity.

The company is known for conducting a search operation for the missing MH370 Malaysian airliner. Ocean Infinity has reportedly committed to receiving payment from Argentina only if ARA San Juan is found.

The submarine with over 40 crew on board went missing after reporting about a technical malfunction. The search and rescue operation for the submarine involved equipment and personnel from various countries, including Russia.

The Argentinian authorities scrapped the rescue 15 days after the sub stopped communicating but pledged that the search for the vehicle would continue.