Co-education is now a widely accepted concept. Now, it has spread to most of the countries. In our country, the Co system starts from professional institution as well as in universities. People favour co-education system as this system is now prevailing in foreign institutions. The students who get admission in institutions abroad easily adopt the co-education system. Ours country is a developing one; therefore, we cannot afford to open separate schools and colleges for both boys and girls. Government has to invest in other areas as well; therefore, co-education is the best option now. In schools and college, interaction between boys and girls helps in their practical life. In co-education, the competition in studies is high. Boys try to beat girls in competition and also girls try to beat boys in competition. Co-education has its disadvantages as well. Boys and girls may not study well and waste their time. The youth sometimes show irresponsibility and non-serious attitude. So, in co-education necessary precautions and careful attitude should be adopted by the management of the institutions.


Lahore, November 2.