Corruption is one of most chronic issues all over world especially in the third world countries like Pakistan where it has routed down in government institutions enough that cannot be eliminated easily following the stakes of powerful bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.

Corruption has spoiled Pakistan completely and is resulting in increase in poverty, unemployment, hunger and is tarnished the image of the country by bringing immense miseries to its people. Corruption has been deep routed in all levels either private or government from top to bottom and anti-corruption institutions have unfavourably failed to address this or even reduce the ongoing dishonesty and frauds. There are many top politicians who have been reportedly involved in this misconduct that are concerned with their stakes only without thinking about the public.

We can find two vast concerns or issues in present Pakistan that are expanding like epidemics(corruption and terrorism) which have reinforced their germs in every cells of our society.

There are numerous indirect corruption charges from social media and electronic media present but no ruling authority is ready to investigate the corrupt persons for these illegal and dishonest concerns like illegal Sui-Gas and electricity supply, illegal possession of land and so on. Murder of merit and Justice, political nepotism and selling of government jobs by ‘corrupt ruling politicians’, hundreds of thousands of skilled and educated youth are deprived of deserving jobs.

It is the responsibility of every individuals to work jointly with the government institutions to make Pakistan a corruption-free country. Corruption will not prevail in the society until deserving peoples are given their rights. And this isn’t the Pakistan which the our forebearers dreamt for.


Turbat, November 2.