The government has adopted a system plagued by several issues and the recent one to make to the list is the prediction of a drought-like situation in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. Since the last year, the debate around the shortage of water has been made relevant in mainstream circles to highlight how adversely it can impact the country and the number of initiatives required to turn the situation around. Developmental policies have been adopted over the years without paying any heed to the environment and as a result of unmonitored consumption of resources, our country is now very prone to natural disasters.

The best outcome that we can expect out of this situation is that the relevant authorities have been alerted and the report has also been shared with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Sindh, and other stakeholders for them to take the required action. At the same time, the government needs to alert the people of the provinces as well and guide them about the severity of the crisis in different parts of the provinces and their plan of action with regards to the facilities that will be provided. Drought-like situations can have a grave impact on the social and economic outlook of a society and the government must be prepared to provide the required facilities.

Citizens of the country must also be made aware because it is such disasters which will inculcate in them a sense of community and the need to use all the resources as per requirement and not waste what we have. At the same time, this will also speed up the process for the projects needed to be designed in order to overcome the water scarcity issue. Times like these also require a lot of donations and relief efforts on part of the citizens. Two major provinces are going to be affected and the rest of the two must play their part in the relief activities.

The economic council must also find an alternative to the losses in the business that the industries will suffer and perhaps this is the best time that the government can launch an awareness campaign regarding the frugal consumption of water. The crisis has now impacted two whole provinces and this implies how bad the situation actually is and both, the government and the people need to be on board to take the steps to overcome it.