WAZIRABAD - Reserve quota of seats given to Wazirabad in evening through RC-102 down has been abolished when RC-102 down replaced RC-104 down. RC-102 down, earlier, reached Wazirabad at 7:40pm which now shifted in the morning at 11am. A quota of nine seats in economy class and four seats in AC coach was reserved for Wazirabad to Lahore and fix for RC-102 down which was started from Rawalpindi to Lahore at 4pm and reached Wazirabad station at 7:40pm. Passengers benefited from the facility of reserve quota at evening for years. When the railway administration decided to synchronize the timings of both trains i.e. RC-101 up and RC-102 down, the RC-102 down replaced the RC-104 down, which was started from Rawalpindi to Lahore at 7am. According to new schedule, RC-102 down will start from Rawalpindi at 7am and RC-104 down at 4pm. In this way, the seat quota for Wazirabad also shifted to morning with RC-102 down. Thus the passengers, who travel in the evening from Wazirabad, have been deprived of this facility. The railway administration, when it issued notification about changing in timings of the said trains, did not notify the status of the reserve quota which facilitated the passengers who travelled in the evening and got advance booking of their seats. Social circles and trading community of Wazirabad have said that Minister for Railway Sh Rasheed Ahmed should have shifted the reserve quota to RC-104 down to facilitate the passengers who travelled to Lahore at evening time.