Islamabad-This weekend, the roads were chock-full in the capital as foodies followed their hearts to attend Pakistan’s biggest Food Festival Islamabad ‘Eat’.

The last day of Islamabad ‘Eat’ was a huge success as attendees witnessed chefs working their magic through cooking demonstrations and enjoyed live music featuring performances by emerging singers.

The Festival was a hit and those who missed the fest experienced feelings of immense regret.

With the wide array of scrumptious savory meals it was tough picking between BBQ, kabab, fish, sushi, Chinese, burgers and loads of other yummy items across the venue of the festival.

There were sweets and desserts lined up like never before. From delicious chocolate treats to delectabledesimithais, the festival had something to make everyone feel the joy of the event.

The lip-smacking snacks like golgappas, chanachaat, bun kabab and so much more left us wanting more.

The venue was certainly every foodie’s ultimate happy place, as there was so much to try by the numerous eateries, all under one roof.

Most of Islamabad’s famous eateries, including, Bigdaddysmoke, Wildmild Islamabad, Jessie’s, Papasallis,among others, were present at the festival but what was most interesting to me was that Islamabad ‘Eat’ managed to get some of the best from Lahore and Karachi to come as well. It was overall well-managed food festival (although the older people could have been better accommodated by more arrangements to enjoy the festival more easily and comfortably).

Owner of Snow cones, said: “We had a very bad experience at Lahore ‘Eat’ Festival. Hardly our sells were done but yes Islamabad is too good and we are generating a good amount here.”

If there is one thing that can bring Pakistanis together (after cricket), it is our love for desi food. RewayatMalaiBoti served with Puri and Chatni was worth the wait. The eatery definitely lived up to its name.

You could not turn a corner without seeing someone with a plate of chapli kebab with naan in their hands byWattan restaurant. Its affordability and generous portions made it a surefire crowd pleaser, but the quality and flavour had people coming back for seconds and thirds.

The design philosophy behind ‘Eat’food fest, according to Omari, is to make the festival look premium but accessible to everyone. It allows at the same time access to a shared space for those from all walks of life, and on Sunday it seemed to have accomplished it successfully.

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