Every living thing is connected with water. No water means no existence if existence then no world. Water is one of the most important and compulsory element of every living organism without water that is tough to pass days and nights. Pakistan is ranked among those countries that is going to suffer in coming time due lack of water. Pakistan is ranked the fifth country in term of population in all over the world. The majority of its population lives in rural areas of the country. The majority of the population depends on water for their livelihood. Unfortunately millions of people are unemployed due to shortage of Water. Water security is the biggest threat to fertile lands in the country.

Water security affects the entire agricultural chains besides creating countless difficulties for farmers. It causes food insecurity and unemployment in the country. Pakistan is the seventh country which ranks the global warming chances. It accounts 77 percent of all natural disasters. It is important to noted that Pakistan’s river water is depended on glacial melt which is 44 per cent, snowmelt 22 per cent and rainfall 27 per cent. Due to high temperature of hotness the glacial is melting rapidly in every moment. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of government to launch different seminars for making the people aware about usage of water because after one decade the level of water might be impossible due to usage of water uselessly. Farmers must be educated or should have aware about matching their withdrawals with sowing crops that do not guzzle water. They should use different techniques that they use water efficiently, securing water. According to experts the country’s population would be 250 million by the 2025 and the demand of water would be at 236 billion cubic metres.

According to the world resource institute, Pakistan will suffer a lot problems by shortage water capacity in coming few years. Hence the government should take necessary steps like building dams, implement new laws for securing water, make new technologies for agriculture sectors especially farmers should be trained and educated about the usage of water and should be strict rules for using water in industries and home chores works. Water security will help the country to be strong in economic growth and will help the country towards a brighter future of its people.