LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Chaudhry brothers are trusted allies of government.

“Reservations among allies are common things. Everyone must keep in mind that there is neither any in-house change on the card nor the government is going anywhere. People have given us mandate for five years,” he stressed while talking to media after inaugurating IRWA filtration plant in Izmir Town here on Sunday.

IRWA Chairman Mian Ahsan, Haji Nimatullah Khan, Mian Talat were also present on this occasion.

Ch Sarwar said that government and the armed forces were on the same page for stability and development of Pakistan. “Lahore High Court decision is not a matter of success or defeat between government and the opposition and we fully honour the court’s decision,” he averred. 

Governor said that reservations and grievances among allies were not peculiar to Pakistan as this phenomenon existed in the entire world. “Allies can give their viewpoint; and, as far as Chaudhry brothers are concerned, they are very much standing by the government, and the government is also taking along all its allies,” he observed.

Ch Sarwar said that federal government had permitted Nawaz Sharif’s medical treatment abroad solely on humanitarian grounds. “When he fell ill, the government provided him best possible medical treatment here. From the day one, the government has been giving assurance that it will not obstruct the process of sending Nawaz Sharif abroad for medical cure,” he said, adding that Lahore High Court had permitted Nawaz Sharif to get medical treatment abroad and it was not a matter of win or defeat between government and the opposition. He said PML-N leadership had submitted a written assurance in the court of law and the government also wanted Nawaz Sharif to come back after his recovery. Sarwar said those dreaming of in-house change will get nothing but disappointment and the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete its constitutional term of five years at all costs. The next general elections, he said, will be held at the stipulated time.

He also warned counterfeit companies operating in the name of safe drinking water to refrain from such practices otherwise huge fine will be imposed on filtration companies supplying substandard water. “Responsible persons in this regard will face strict action including two-year imprisonment, he added. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar assured that promise of provision of safe drinking water to people of Punjab will be fulfilled through Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority during next four years. He said that there was no doubt in it that 50 per cent of the people of Punjab were falling prey to hepatitis and other fatal diseases due to consumption of contaminated water and they had to save them by all means. He said Aab-e-Pak Authority without having any government funding had started provision of safe drinking water to the masses just with the help of philanthropists, and IRWA filtration plant was also a component of this process. The governor said that Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority will not only register all the filtration plants but also ensure their continuous monitoring across Punjab, besides imposing heavy fine and taking strict action against the companies supplying substandard water to the people.