LOS ANGELES-Justin Timberlake has signed up to take on another Trolls soundtrack.

The pop superstar and actor has been announced as the executive producer of the Trolls World Tour music, which will accompany the 2020 film, and he has recruited Chris Stapleton, Kelly Clarkson, Anderson .Paak, Mary J. Blige, Anna Kendrick, George Clinton, and SZA for songs. Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer/producer Ludwig Goransson helped Timberlake produce the soundtrack, which features original music for the film, composed by the Cry Me a River star.

Timberlake enjoyed huge success in 2016 with the soundtrack to Trolls, which featured his hit Can’t Stop The Feeling! – the bestselling song of that year.

In the new film, Timberlake and Kendrick’s characters, Branch and Poppy, discover they’re part of one of six troll tribes scattered across different lands devoted to different kinds of music (funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock). All that music, however, ends up at risk when the rock trolls, led by Queen Barb (voiced by Rachel Bloom) and her father, King Thrash (voiced by none other than OzzyOsbourne), set out to “unite the six strings” and rid the world of every genre but rock.

Along with starring in the film, Timberlake produced the Trolls World Tour soundtrack and will contribute a few new songs to it as well. The first Trolls movie, released in 2016, notably featured Timberlake’s massive hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” which won a Grammy and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars.