ISLAMABAD     -    After hosting the Yonex Sunrise International Badminton Series successfully, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Acting Director General Amna Imran surprisingly conducted an exhibition futsal match between diplomats and foreign office here at embellished Rodham Hall on Sunday.

The PSB Acting DG allowed the match at Rodham Hall, where millions of rupees were recently spent on renovation, instead of fulfilling other premises just to oblige her blue-eyed persons. This scribe told IPC Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza that such matches could have been organised at other places like Hamidi Hall, Liaqat Gymnasium and Jinnah Stadium, as recently-renovated Rodham Hall’s sensitive wooden floor could be damaged and in case of any damage at Rodham Hall, the country will definitely face problems in holding international or even national events at Rodham Hall, which is only international venue available here. Rather than paying heed towards this sensitive issue, the IPC Minister replied: “I am long associated with sports and let me handle the things.” This was the reply from the IPC Minister, who had turned the entire PSB into a money-making factory from the last year.

Ever since Dr Fehmida has taken over the IPC Ministry, the PSB has been in a standstill position. No important camps or activities were conducted during her period. The post of Director Hostels is lying vacant after retirement of Malik Imtaiz, while proper DG is also needed to run the PSB affairs. When it comes to Medical Centre, the post of head of department is also unoccupied. The IPC Minister does not have time to fill the vacant posts. Hostel employees have stopped coming to the office, as there is no one who may keep check on them. Amna and others are happy to have the PSB employees deputed at their homes.

The PSB DG is also trying to appoint Muhammad Faizan as PSB Director Media. Faizan, who, was previously working in the National Internship Programme (NIP) under the IPC Ministry, is trying his best to occupy the Director Media slot since closure of the internship programme. When this scribe contacted and asked current PSB Media Director Muhammad Azam Dar that why hostel employees are deputed at official residences, Dar replied: “As per government rules, it is clear that no one can be assigned personal tasks. I will check with the DDG Administration and DDG Facilities. If such is the case, then action will be taken regardless of the fact that who is enjoying the services of the employees.

When asked that at one end, millions of rupees are being spent on Rodham Hall’s renovation and on the other hand, casual shoes are being used for futsal match, which can inflict damages on the wooden floor, Dar replied: “The match was organised on the orders of high command and it was out of my control. Yes it is true that such matches should be held somewhere else rather than wooden floor of Rodham Hall.”

When South Asian Games are round the corner, instead of holding camps for the Games, the PSB is forcing the federations and individuals to pay hefty amounts to utilise the PSB premises, while on the other hand, near and dear ones are enjoying countless perks and privileges. It is hoped that the government will take action against those, who are inflicting huge damages on national kitty and seek report from the IPC Minister in this regard.