Charli XCX: Social media is a ‘drug’

LOS ANGELES (gn): Charli XCX thinks social media is ‘’like a drug’’. The ‘White Mercedes’ hitmaker has said she finds sites like Twitter and Instagram to be ‘’hard’’ to navigate because they come with so much ‘’pressure’’, and says that if she didn’t need to have accounts on the sites in order to connect with her fans, she ‘’probably wouldn’t’’ use the platforms at all. She said: ‘’I’m definitely not putting things online that I don’t feel comfortable with.

‘’The pressures of social media is what I find to be quite hard, because it’s like a drug. One day the high is really good and the next day you’re defeated, it’s this constant chase for validation. And when you get it it’s great, and when you don’t it’s really sad, and I hate that. I hate that I play into that myself.

‘’For me it’s a tool that I kind of have to use. But if I didn’t have to use it, I probably wouldn’t. But I try my best to just make it as fun and light as possible. Apart from when I go really depressed and then I’m like: deep dive, emo, here we go, crying.’’

And Charli, 27, says she finds ‘’freedom’’ in her life in going to parties and ‘’getting drunk’’, although she wants people to know that’s not all she does.

When asked what the biggest misconception about her is, she said: ‘’That I’m just this person who parties every single day and is really confident and loud and gets drunk all the time. And that’s part of it, but also I’m a business woman, and I can be really shy sometimes.

Camila: Shawn Mendes and I collaborate on life

LOS ANGELES (cm): Camila Cabello is ‘’collaborating’’ with Shawn Mendes ‘’on life’’.

The 22-year-old singer recently worked with her fellow singer on their track ‘Señorita’, but has said she isn’t sure if they’ll work together on new music in the future.

Asked about another collaboration with 21-year-old Shawn, she said: ‘’We collaborate on life. So, we’ll see in music.’’

Camila is gearing up to release her new album ‘Romance’, and has teased the tracks on the upcoming record will mostly be centred around her relationship with the ‘In My Blood’ hitmaker and the ‘’chaos that ensues’’ from ‘’falling in love’’.

Speaking to E! News at the TIME Next 100 Gala, Camila said: ‘’The inspiration behind my album is really being in love.

It’s all stories about my life the past couple of years and just the chaos that ensues when you fall in love.’’