ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party Tuesday said Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Election Commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan had failed to perform his duties.

Incharge of PPP Central Election Cell Taj Haider said that Chief Election Commissioner Gilgit-Baltistan instead of taking action against the “law breakers” was asking the opposition to provide proofs. “This attitude is enough proof of the partial conduct of the CEC himself,” he said.

The PPP leader added: “Shall we give proof of the open and blatant violation of electoral law by Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs for running full-fledged campaign for his party and making promises of development works to the electorate? Shall we give proof of his making appointments of a candidate as his advisor a week ahead of the polling day? Shall we give proof of the Prime Minister standing in Gilgit on a national day and attacking the opposition in a political speech in which he also made a promise of granting provincial status to Gilgit Baltistan.” 

He continued: “Shall we give proofs of many ministers and advisors addressing public meetings even after the time for campaigning had ended? Shall we give proofs of disappearance of ballot boxes and replacing genuine forms 45 with fake forms 45? Such open crimes are punished with disqualification of law breaker, under the law.”

Taj Haider said that had any action been taken by the Chief Election Commissioner on “our complaints of blatant pre-poll rigging, the polling day rigging and the post-poling rigging would have not taken place.”

Taj Haider says gross lapses’ on part of CEC resulted in open theft of public mandate

The ‘gross lapses’ on the part of the CEC, he said, had resulted in the open theft of the mandate of the people. One should not ignore that the people of Gilgit Baltistan have been waiting for a fair deal for the last 70 years. 

“It was their forefathers who won their independence through armed struggle. One can rest assured that the peaceful struggle of the people of the area will ultimately result in the restoration of their mandate,” he added.

Meanwhile, PPP leader Palwasha Khan said the GB elections were rigged in every aspect and said that her party has rejected the result of the elections.

Speaking at a news conference here yesterday, she said the ruling Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf scored 10 seats through rigging and asked that what happened in last six months that a party which had no candidate for the election few months ago now managed to win such a number of seats.

She said that PPP rejects election results because of rigging. Reacting to ban by federal government on rallies, the PPP leader said the authorities cannot stop opposition from holding rallies by instilling fear of novel coronavirus. “We will hold rallies with due implementation of COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures,” she added.

Palwasha Khan said the PPP will expose the rigging in the GB polls and will show the door to the federal government. “They will be sent home soon,” she contended.