Every year, a large number of migratory species of birds arrive in Pakistan in winter season on their way to and from Siberia. According to WWF, these birds not only help control the population of insects and some fish species but also improve habitat for other wildlife. This year, World Migratory Birds Day is marked with the theme “Birds Connect Our World”.

The theme itself indicates how important these birds are for our world. In Pakistan, each year these guest birds are welcomed with illegal ruthless hunting, poaching and trading due to the negligence of wildlife and fisheries department of Pakistan. Due to the continuous hunting, these birds are facing many difficulties such as illegal trading, degeneration, pollution and natural environmental loss. According to a survey as stated by Sindh Wildlife Department, a number of 741,042 birds migrated to the wetlands of Sindh 2019. This year too, the birds are being hunted and traded openly in local markets of interior Sindh as if they have officially been permitted. It is humbly requested to the Chief Minister Sindh, Wildlife and Fisheries Department of Sindh and relevant authorities to take needed measures against illegal hunting and trade of birds and ensure the implementation of a ban on hunting of our guest birds which are the sign of peace.