KARACHI  -  Works & Services Department Government of Sindh organised the 7th session of training programme on ‘Project Evolution’ on Tuesday. 

These trainings are part of Asian Development Bank (ADB) assisted project for preparing Sindh road network master plan and institutional strengthening and training. 

The session started with opening remarks of Project Director (PD) Makhdoom Mushtaq Ahmed Memon who apprised that Sindh road network master plan vision 2020-40 would prove to be navigator for works and services department and Road Asset Management System (RAMS) would prioritise the investment of Sindh government in cogent and scientific base manner. 

PD apprised the creation of RAMS unit in works & services department which would be headed by the senior chief development PD RAMS Mr Saleh Memon who was a seasoned engineer. Ms Saba Arbab delivered lecturer on ‘pavement failure’ at session. 

Addressing the session, Syed Shahbaz Ali Shah stated that Sindh was leading among other provinces in developing RAMS which was near completion, whereas other provinces were still in concept phase. ‘Sindh will be the first province to develop RAMS and implement it by allocating development budget on priority basis,’ he added. 

Secretary Works & Services Imran Atta Soomro said that Sindh road network master plan was a visionary project. It would prove to be a great asset for the Sindh government. He applauded the services of Project Director SPRIP Makhdoom Mushtaq Ahmed Memon and his whole team for achieving target and brilliant performance in extending important project.