LAHORE - At least 15 suspects managed to flee when police tried to cordon them in Sherakot precincts in the wee hours of Saturday. According to Mujahid Squad, they witnessed almost 15 suspects near Talat Park chatting each other mysteriously and informed Sherakot police besides seeking help from Iqbal Town SP office. After a short while, SP Iqbal Town and SP Investigation Iqbal Town reached the spot along with heavy police contingents. The suspects opened indiscriminate fire on police, which was retaliated but all the accused fled away hurling fire in the air leaving a large question mark for the police. As the police, instead of arresting the suspect, demanded help for bulletproof jackets and during this time alleged terrorists managed to escape from the spot. It is pertinent to mention here that three terrorists including Sher Rabbani, Hikmatullah and Musa Khan were arrested from Sherakot area on Friday. Various copies of objectionable literature, sophisticated weapons and dozens of bullets were also recovered from their possessions. The police source seeking anonymity disclosed that the forces had arrested many suspects when they launched a massive crackdown in adjoining areas of FIA building here on Saturday. According to the details, security agencies captured more than a dozen of suspects from the houses situated near the FIA building as it was the well established development that the single terrorist, who attacked the said building was witnessed approaching from a nearby street and from the opposite side of Regal Chowk. The accomplice of that terrorist was also captured by bridge the security agencies near Campus sophisticated weapons were recovered from his possession. The police source said that the captured terrorist, Samiullah had brought his accomplice, who was gunned down in FIA building in Carry Van. After leaving him near FIA, Samiullah had fled away. The police source said that some 'Imams of different mosques were also included in the nabbed suspects. The agencies launched this crackdown in different areas including Temple Road, Lytton Raod, Safanwala Chowk, Regal Chowk and other nearby areas of the FIA building. The police source said that two Maulvis were arrested when the agencies raided on some Madrasas at Regal Chowk locality. An alleged terrorist, Jhang resident, was also captured and was stated as the trustworthy activist of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The same crackdown was launched in Manawan and Bedian areas and numerous suspects were held by the agencies. A high ranking official seeking anonymity informed that it was quite clear that the forces had sought out the network of terrorists now they were going to adopt a comprehensive strategy against terrorists and all those perpetrators who had been involved in nefarious activities in Pakistan. The Lahore Police have been directed to keep security at red alert till the current situation and it aftermath continues in the country. Intelligence agencies have been monitoring especially the activities and keeping a watchful eye on Afghan Aabadies. Five Afghan suspects along with their truck, near Band Road were arrested on Friday by Baghbanpura police regarding in suspicion of terrorism. Meanwhile, the source privy to the development said that law enforcement agencies were apprehending each and every person in suspicion of his/her involvement or having any kind of relation with Tehreek-e-Taliban, Hizbut Tehrer, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other such organizations while launching a massive crackdown throughout the Punjab. SSP Operations Chaudhry Shafiq Ahmad Gujjar said on Saturday the police had been put on high alert after recent terrorist attacks in the provincial capital. Checking the exit and entry points of the city has been stepped up by deploying more police and elite force officials, he said. He said that police officials were also monitoring the activities of suspicious elements through close-circuit TV cameras installed at sensitive buildings, public places and government offices. The SSP appealed to the people to immediately call police emergency Rescue-15 if they saw any suspect, or abandoned item in their surroundings. They appealed the law enforcement agencies and the people to remain alert for facing any sort of circumstances and get ready for the elimination of terrorists.