Quaid-e-Azam University has been ranked the best university in Pakistan by the HEC. This university is called a mini-Pakistan because of its varied enrolment of students based on quote system for all the four provinces and Azad Kashmir. The current ethnically inspired brawl among students is nothing new of its kind. Tensions between the Punjab Council and Mehran Council of the university had started last year which took a violent turn this year again at the start of semester. The violence that ensued has subsided but thugs on either side are swearing vengeance now. The university administration, as is usual with it, taking some baby steps to resolve the issue but it is their negligence in the first place that had resulted in clashes that made headlines across the country. A most unsavoury message has been sent from capital to provinces by the incidents here. All this has happened at a time when we are already facing a trust deficit among the provinces. Incidents like this will only add fuel to fire of parochialism. A handful of students have disturbed the whole institution causing a great loss to the educational environment here. The boys hostels have been closed for an indefinite period making students who had come from Gilgat, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta and Lahore to flee from the university premises. Student politics in Pakistan has often been militant in contrast to the developed countries. We are just not mature enough. -QAMAR CHEEMA, Islamabad, October 16.