ISLAMABAD (APP) - The European Union (EU) has asked Bangladesh and other developing countries to buy fabric from Pakistan to receive GSP facility to EU countries. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Textile Industry on Saturday, Bangladesh has not given this facility to Pakistani fabric but with the change of rules of origin (RoO) in January 2010 which favour single stage transformation to their garments manufacturer and will allow Pakistan fabric this facility. Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) has opposed the new criteria of EU on the ground that substantial investment has been made in BD Primary Textile Sector (PTS) that is spinning and weaving to the tune of US$4 billion to get the benefit of GSP facility on supply of yarn and fabric to local garments manufacturers. Federal Advisor on Textiles, Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig termed this a success for the country and said that it would enhance the exports of Pakistani fabric to Bangladesh. Dr Baig has been working tirelessly on the duty free market access to EU and given a presentation to the President on the market access. He informed that there will be a joint commission meeting in Brussels on October 20 for Pakistan duty free market access to EU. Dr Baig said that Bangladesh also has to give Pakistani fabric GSP under SAARC Regional Cumulation and as per EU move to change the rule of origin from January 2010. Dr Baig informed that PDMEA has proposed TDAP to organize seminars on duty free market access to EU to muster media support on this issue at this crucial junction and he has supported the initiative said Dr. Baig.