ISLAMABAD - President PPP-S Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao citing lack of coordination among the intelligence agencies as major reason behind the current upsurge in the terrorist activities in the country suggested to constitute a body on the pattern of US Homeland Security Department to have a vigilant eye on the activities of non-state actors. In an exclusive chat with TheNation, the President Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao), who had served as interior minister during the previous government, said that intelligence apparatus working at various tiers of governance required to act with more concerted and coordinated fashion to contain the miscreants activities effectively. Explaining his point, he said that MI, ISI, IB, CIDs and Police Special Branch were operating at federal and provincial levels but there was a little coordination among these bodies leaving vacuum to give corridor to the terrorists to hit the targets of their own choice. He said the law enforcement agencies with the backing of the intelligence agencies network must move a step ahead of the terrorists as it was the only way to outwit them and control the human and material loss inflicted by them on the general public. Pointing towards another weakness of the law enforcement agencies in tackling the militants, Sherpao said that the investigation set-up was also not functioning properly, as the investigation and interrogation of arrested terrorists in most of the cases was not up to the mark in tracking down the local links of these terrorists or suicide bombers. He said that the government should establish a department where all the intelligence agencies should pool their information on the pattern of US Homeland Security Department or United Kingdoms MI6 to effectively tackle the issue of terrorism confronting the nation. To a question about decision to go for a full-fledged military operation against terrorists in South Waziristan, Sherpao said that although his party had also supported the operation in South Waziristan, yet in his personal view it was not right time to open another front when the already launched operation was not fully over in Malakand. He said although the military had cleared the troubled spots in Malakand and Swat, yet the writ of the civilian government was yet to establish there. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Swat and Malakand division are yet to settle down while the displacement of people from South Waziristan has already started and so far no steps for their proper management have been taken, he remarked. To another question, he said that there was no role of NWFP government in Swat and Malakand operation and still the civilian set-up was not in place, rising fears of resurgence of militancy in these areas. To a question about initiation of dialogue with the militants, Sherpao said that military operation was no permanent solution to the problem and finally the political dispensation had to step in to initiate dialogue at least with those militants who were ready to lay down arms. In this way the government would also be able to diminish their support among the tribes, he added.