KARACHI - State Minister for Investment and Chairman Board of Investment has termed all the reservations baseless about corporate farming in the country and said this will turn countrys barren land into fertile and productive. He said that a $10 billion investment by Italian companies is expected in next six months. In a press briefing on Saturday, he said that it is wrong perception that Board of Investment has a flexible investment policy for the foreign companies to do corporate farming in the country, and all the reservation in this regard are baseless. In fact the corporate farming will ease commodities prices in the country, he added. 'I do not consider the corporate farming a threat to the agricultural sector of the country, as agri output would not be exported without governments permission. Besides, the desserts of the country will have a chance to be converted into a cultivated land, he added. He said he has no information whether the government has given land to any foreign state for corporate farming. He further informed the media that the current visit of the president of Pakistan to Italy was very successful, as the Prime Minister of Italy has assured us the investment of 10 billion dollars that would be given to the Italian companies to invest in different sectors in Pakistan. He made it clear that this announced amount by the Italian Minister is not an aid. Moreover, we will establish Pak-Italian chambers in Lahore and Karachi within two years as Italy has already established its investment councils in the said cities. Korean companies such as Daewo, Kepco, Kwater, and Lotte have already invested a lot in Pakistan, yet they are looking forward more investment from them and in this regard Lotte is ready for the 250 million dollar expansion of its current project PPTA in Pakistan. Another Korean company Kwater is very keen to invest in the construction of dams in the country, he added.