Younas Khan, captain of the Pakistan cricket team, is no doubt a man of great integrity and self respect. After facing accusations of match fixing from various quarters, he has just tendered a resignation with out giving a second thought to the tradition of clinging to the job. Self-respect for him was more important. Compare that sense of character with the lack of it in our Minister for Water and Power. What has not been said against him and what sort of allegations not leveled against him? What promises did he not make with the poor people of Pakistan, none of which he kept? And yet, shamelessly unmoved, he is sticking to his ministry. Same applies to Rehman Malik too. He also does not know what self-respect is. Then, there is the gang of court jesters, 'maskharas at the Presidency whose job is to only eulogize Zardari at all times, no matter where they speak. They cannot utter a single sentence without including Shaheed Bhutto, Shaheed Benazir and President Zardari. Even the bhands in the marriage parties act better than these court jesters. -AGHA JALALI, Fort Sundeman, October 17.