ISLAMABAD - The inflation based on Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) surged by 6.06 percent in the week ended on Thursday last as compared with the same period of the last year, while it swelled by 0.06 percent on week-to-week basis, Federal Bureau of Statistics reported here on Saturday. The inflation for the lowest income group (Rs. 3,000 monthly income) ballooned by 5.9 per cent on October 15 over a year, while it enhanced by 0.08 percent on weekly basis. For the second lowest income group (Rs. 5,000 per month), the SPI on yearly basis soared by 6.76pc and for the group having up to Rs 12,000 per month income, 7.12pc increase in inflation was witnessed. On year-to-year basis, the inflation accelerated by 5.11 percent for the highest income group. On weekly basis, it surged by 0.05 per cent for the same group. According to Federal Bureau of Statistics bulletin, prices of 19 items soared, 10 items became cheaper while prices of 24 commodities remained unchanged on week-to-week basis. The major increase was witnessed in the prices of garlic, tomatoes, chicken, petroleum products, potatoes, pulses and cigarettes in a week time. The following goods prices increased both on yearly and weekly basis. On yearly basis, the goods witnessing growth include tomatoes, 53.15 percent, cigarettes (K-2), 18.46 percent, garlic, 145.76 percent, egg, 15.25 percent, electric bulb, 37.70 percent, tea packet, 22.34 percent, mash pulse washed, 48.46 percent, firewood, 10.80 percent, moong pulse washed, 8.83 percent, bread plain, 9.74 percent, tea, 13.10 percent, beef, 18.64 percent, mutton, 16.76 percent, coarse latha, 0.84 percent, and gur, 80.09pc. The following goods prices increased on yearly and decreased on weekly basis. On yearly basis, the goods witnessing growth include red chicken, 15.77 percent, onions, 0.16 percent, sugar, 17.53 percent, potatoes, 0.86 percent, and wheat flour, 3.30pc. The following items prices remained unchanged on weekly basis but surged on an annual pattern; milk fresh, 15.69 percent, milk powdered, 5.88 percent, curd, 14.16 percent, salt, 13.44 percent, and cooked beef plate, 8.96 percent, in the period under review.