KARACHI - The stoppage of funds by the Sindh government to the City District Govt Karachi (CDGK) has affected many important projects, which are directly related to the human life such as pedestrian bridges, bus shelters, drivers training programmes and various road safety education campaigns, the Nation has learnt on Saturday. It may be noted that since the construction of three signal-free corridors, dozens of flyovers, underpasses and hundreds of widened roads across the city, fatal road accidents have become a daily routine resulting in more than three deaths daily and injuries to many others. Due to the fast developments in the road and transportation network, the trend of over-speeding is on the rise, which has increased the ratio of fatal road accidents. To counter the situation, CDGKs Transport and Communication Department (TCD) had planned construction of many pedestrian bridges at all the three signal-free corridors, near the underpasses and other improved busy arteries to provide the pedestrians safe and easy access for crossing the roads. But the paucity of resources, the installation of pedestrian bridges on important corridors, including Preedy Street, where at least three pedestrian bridges are planned to be installed, would be delayed, sources said. The TCD had also designed a massive Road Safety Education Awareness Campaign on electronic media for road users by the end of December, also including a 6 to 7 minutes documentary for various TV channels, to educate the citizens about the importance of road safety education for saving their lives. But it is also hit badly by the financial of crisis, a CDGK official said. Some months back, a meeting of Traffic Management Cell, with DCO Karachi Javed Hanif in chair, had suggested a joint meeting between the CDGK, TCD and an NGO, to finalise the plan but so far no fruitful results have been achieved, sources add. But the TCD sources confirm implementation of road safety education programme for school-going children. It pertinent to mention that more then 700 persons are killed, along with injuries to 2,000 others, annually in the metropolis in the traffic related accidents since 1990. And among the killed persons, 51 per cent are pedestrians and out of them 26 per cent children. In this scenario, City Nazim Mustafa Kamal had announced construction of 116 new pedestrian bridges at all the busy spots around the provincial capital.