KARACHI - Pakistan Steels Mills is practising dual contract system for its employees, depriving daily wagers and contractual staff of their basic rights including confirmation of jobs. It was found that Pakistan Steels Mills has established a subsidiary organisation with the name of Al-Hadeed Welfare Trust several years ago and has given it rights to hire workforce on contract basis, and now the trust has some 1,300 registered labourers out of total 11,700 employees of the Mills. A special power given to the Trust is to sack any employee without any reason, and this authority has created sheer job insecurity among the 5,200 daily-wagers and contractual employees of the Mills. The main job of the trust is to supply the labour force to the Mills, while it was also found that the trust deducts 15 per cent of the total salary of the daily wagers in the name of facilities, which are not being provided to the employees. The contract system what the Mills give to the employees is far better than the one which is given by the Trust, because the employees who are on the Trusts contract do not have the facilities of annual leaves and medical. The Mills has 6500 as permanent staff, while 3500 are on daily wagers and 1700 are on contract. The Mills is said to be the only corporation which has not confirmed any of its employee since 1980, and there are employees who have been working on contract basis for more than 25 years. The Chairman Contract and Daily wagers Action Committee Pakistan Steel Mills Sufi Gulzar and General Secretary Abdul Ghaffar Boghio appealed to the Prime Minster to make them permanent as soon as possible. They alleged that the CBA at the Mills do not help them in resolving their issues, and is not interested in the solution of their problems.