I belong to one of those villages for which funds have been allocated under the head of 'Rural Development Projects by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Sindh. These funds, though, dont look like materializing anytime soon, and some even say, not at all. Some people openly express the apprehension that these funds would eventually be diverted to the urban areas such as the city of Karachi. But Sindh is not just Karachi; it includes many smaller locales such as Hyderabad, Tando Adam, Jamshoro and others. I would request the citizens of Pakistan, or at least the citizens of Karachi, to visit Tando Adam. A miniaturised version of Karachi, it is a microcosm of Karachi in many ways but nothing like it in many other. You will encounter the narrowest of roads here and the smallest of shops on them that sometimes coagulate to form the smallest of supermarkets. The most shocking find in your tour of Tando Adam would be the drainage systems here, entirely open to public and smelling to high heavens. One can actually venture on a detour of the city based on the meandering open nullahs which, as we all know, can be cause of considerable health hazards associated with the open drainage systems. A small city, call it a rural town if you will, Tando Adam is a deserved place for some money to be invested in civic facilities. Sure, we have some form of basic facilities at present but comparing them with those in the urban areas makes one feel some lack of citizenship rights. -SAAD QURESHI, Lahore, October 15.