The recent attack on GHQ by terrorists donning army uniforms is a rather new phenomenon although we have had dacoits robbing buses on our highways in police uniforms. This mode of terror attack has a parallel with cancer in which cells using the DNA identity of host cells attack them without any resistance being offered by the body cells meant to thwart this sort of an attack. The security services would have to deal with this menace through newer and better methods just as doctors kill or slow the growth of cancer cells by stopping their blood supply. We would have to stop the supply of army uniforms to terrorists who have become virtually a parallel pseudo army we have to deal with. The conventional measures to ensure security would not be enough. Just as new drugs have to be discovered through constant research to be able to kill the mutating cancer cells, newer modes of combat and more lethal weapons would need to be developed to be used against these terrorists. The security forces would have to stay one-step ahead of the wily terrorists to defeat them. This would require more alert intelligence work and not mere bragging in the style of Rehman Malik. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, October 16. A salute to soldiers Though initially surprised by the ambush, the GHQ guards subsequently acquitted themselves honourably in their duty of safeguarding the countrys military headquarters. The four soldiers who sacrificed their lives fighting the terrorists and others who stood their ground to stop them from breaking into GHQ, deserve the highest accolades. The five valiant SSG commandos who also embraced martyrdom in the rescue of hostages also deserve a special tribute. I must also salute their commanders, Brig. Anwar and Col. Waseem who died in the line of duty. We offer sympathies to all the bereaved families too. Look at the flowers and bouquets laid outside the GHQ by men, women and children to pay their homage to our brave soldiers. -BRIGADIER (Rtd) ISHTIAQ ALI KHAN, Lahore, October 16.