ISLAMABAD - United Nations does not find it a feasible idea to shift its offices to Diplomatic Enclave in federal capital despite senior government officials have publicly stated that UN missions would be moved to the aforementioned venue in near future. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the other day, while talking to media said that all the offices of UN operating in federal capital would be moved to Diplomatic Enclave in the next couple of weeks. He cited security reasons and repeated attacks on UN staffers saying that the personnel of international body would be provided foolproof security measures inside the Enclave. On the other hand, senior UN officials think otherwise and believe that relocating UNs offices to Diplomatic Enclave doesnt sound too feasible due to numerous constraints involved. A few days back, Resident Coordinator of United Nations in Pakistan, Fikret Akcura, while addressing a press briefing opposed any such option like moving UNs offices to any alternative venue. He argued that United Nations was a public organisation that directly dealt with people and shifting UNs offices to any restricted venue, he said, would prevent its interaction with people because a common man didnt have any access to Diplomatic Enclave. Responding to a query regarding enormous inconvenience caused to general public on account of working of foreign missions in residential areas, Akcura had argued, International relations are all about interacting with people and these norms are practiced across the globe. Throughout the world, foreign missions operate in residential areas but nobody bothers. The Resident Coordinator had cited the example of Pakistans embassy in his homeland Turkey that was located in residential area. Another senior UN official requesting not to be named told this correspondent that UNs sub-organisations like IOM, FAO, UNICEF, UNHCR and ILO were working in close interactions with common people, and any step to relocate UN missions would adversely affect their progress. Any such step pertaining to relocation would have adverse affects on our operations in IDPs region and rehabilitation efforts would be affected, he said, adding that massive expected displacement due to military operation in South Waziristan would require intensive interactions between operations affectees and United Nations. When contacted Public Information Officer UN, Billi Bierling, said, We are looking into it. There are a lot of issues related to the matter and space constraint is one of them. No decision has been made yet, but there are a lot of problems for us to move out elsewhere. When asked to comment on Rehman Maliks statement regarding the shifting, she said, I can only reiterate that Diplomatic Enclave is quite far away and there are so many issues involved. TheNation also tried to contact Resident Coordinator Fikret Akcura but he was out of the country on an official assignment.