SWAT - The World Food Programme (WFP) reopened their offices here in Mingora on Saturday to start distribution of ration among militancy-affected people. After the suicide bombing in the WFP office in Islamabad some weeks ago, all of its offices in Malakand division were closed down. People of the area have expressed their happiness over the restarting of distribution of aid among masses by the WFP. Meanwhile, according to the Swat Media Centre, it had been decided to fix curfew hours from 10:00pm to 06:00am daily in various localities of district Swat including Mingora, Saidu Sharif, Kanju, Kabal, Charbagh and Fizagut. The same schedule would also be applied to the areas of Malakand. On the other hand, people had expressed their concern over the alleged checking process of females on various check posts by security forces during which females were asked to remove veil from their faces. People demanded that female security personnel should be appointed for the said purpose as according to them it was against the tradition of the area to carry out checking of females by males and ask them to unveil themselves during the process.