ISLAMABAD - The majority of the youth of the country cannot take benefit of the projects designed for them in the absence of proper awareness campaign of the programmes on the part of the Ministry of Youth Affairs. Creative activities could play significant role in encouraging participation of youth in community development activities and building their confidence of young generation, who are primarily frustrated due to career and academic issues, identity crises, family dynamics and low self esteem and lack of self-confidence. Keeping in view promoting national integration and harmony among the young generation and building their confidence level, every year the Ministry of Youth Affairs had initiated series of national and international awards and competitions in diverse categories. Although all these projects were launched on national level and youngsters of every nook and corner of the country must be well aware about these competitions, however contrary to it youth even those belonged to urban areas did not have any information about plans of the Ministry. According to officials within the Ministry it is very essential to involve young people in advocating for development issues as youth have the potential, and it is our responsibility to provide them opportunities and utilise their potential for development of the country. Most of the officials informed that they were regularly advertising about plans being launched for youth. However, it has been learnt that, so far, there was no any specific programme that would inform youth about ongoing projects of the ministry and could facilitate them to participate in the programs or competitions. Especially those youngsters of rural areas, who have no facility of newspapers, Internet and other such sources of information, are no nothing regarding these projects. It is to be mentioned here that the plans were included the national business plan competition, national easy writing competition, computer literacy programme and national business plan competition, SAARC youth awards scheme, Commonwealth youth awards and outstanding achievement award. Besides that the ministry also arranged visits of foreign countries for youth, but most of the youngsters revealed that had not any information about these tours. It was also learnt that despite inking contract of Youth Exchange Programme with as many as 40 countries, the Ministry could hardly manage to take advantage of only a few. An official of the Ministry said, while seeking anonymity, that the ministry could hardly supervise to exchange youth visit with four or five countries because of its inadequate budget.