This is with reference to the emotional outburst of Mr Nisar Khoro against the utterances of few prominent members of PML(N). It seems strange that Mr Nisar considers these utterances against Bhutto unacceptable, but has failed to realize that dangers to PPP are from within the party, some of whose members with their hands in the till, have become an embarrassment and burden for the party. Even the worst enemies of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto could not file a single charge of corruption against him. ZAB has become an icon of politics in Pakistan, because he was an honest man, who proved his loyalty to Pakistan. Today, the party that he has left behind is in grave danger not from its opponents, but from the new breed of opportunists, who dominate its policy making kitchen cabinet. One of them is a Senator, who frequents Talk Shows, with a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing and has in the last three years gone from rags to riches, in a country where every business is facing a recession. There are others within the PPP who continue to argue that the NRO, a black law, was the foundation on which the new democratic setup regained its foothold in the country. Look at the composition of ZABs cabinet. They were all highly qualified men in their respective fields, with years of dedicated commitment to the party and not a single allegation of financial impropriety. It is controversial appointments of street smart, half educated controversial men, with their opulent lifestyles, and charges of corruption that stick to them, which has damaged Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos image and his party and not the slogans of his opponents. ZAB won the hearts and minds of his people, from Karachi to Khyber, because they perceived him as a patriotic Pakistani committed to welfare of common man. He laid down the foundations for our defensive nuclear capability and worked to develop the nations infrastructure capability for self-reliance by such projects like Steel Mills, Taxila Heavy Mechanical Complex, Hydro Power projects etc. When the country was ravaged by floods, it was ZAB and his cabinet with their hands-on approach, who managed to provide relief to those whose homes and live stock was under threat, unlike the recent floods, where the party head preferred to go on a foreign trip. The strength of PPP, lies in the support of people of Pakistan and not on the riches accumulated by few of its leaders, through under hand deals. NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, October 15.