The Punjab government has decided to increase the number of Anti Terrorism Courts (ATCs) in four districts of the provinces to accelerate the hearings process of pending cases. Talking to the BBC on Sunday, Chief Public Prosecutor for ATCs Ch Jahangir Ahmed said the government had decided to add one more court each in Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur and Dear Ghazi Khan districts. He said the courts, currently functioning in the districts with lesser number cases, would also be shifted to other districts where pending cases were on the rise. He cited the example of Lahore where four ATCs were established but the number of cases had reduced to forty only and said it had been decided to shift two of these courts to other districts - Faisalabad and Bahawalpur. Similarly, one of the ATCs from Gujranwala and Multan will be transferred to Rawalpindi and Dera Ghazi Khan respectively, he added. He further informed the BBC that the implementation on the decision would be carried out in November. It is pertinent to note that as many as 14 ATCs are functional in Punjab.