InAugust 2008, DHA Islamabad announced a scheme for balloting of plots measuring 5 and 8 marlas, which was open to general public. It was a unique and strange balloting, where all applicants were declared successful and by a strange coincidence there were hardly any applicants fromour armed forces, who are supposed to be beneficiaries. It now comes as a shock, that the management of this project DHA Valley, after receiving11 installments,apart from down payment, has in a letter asked the allotteesto defer payment of last installment due on 29 August 2011, till further notice, because of delay in progress of the project. We have now also learned from sources that this is not purely a DHA project, but is in partnership with a powerful land tycoon (Riaz Malik), known for his contacts with those who matter in establishment. This amounts to cheating those who were not aware of the association of this tycoon with this project. Why has the DHA Islamabad done this and what will be the fate of those who have already paid and are now stuck withthese delays. SHAHZAD KHALIL, Sialkot, October 16.