Adeela Naureen Labelled by Fox News as Anarchist movement the Occupy Wall Street is more than what meets the eye. The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching; this was the loudest slogan repeatedly raised by common people gathered outside the Wall Street in the historic movement. Michael Moore described the current mood in New York as the beginning of a new wave of liberty, democracy and civil disobedience against those who have stolen the future of common American people. Yet, the new wave of protests has not been covered objectively by the mainstream American media; well, they always do that, since they are the mouthpieces of Corporate America, which is the biggest hoax of democracy on this planet. The American public is fed up on many accounts, poor economic management, exploitation of the capitalism, long war in the Middle East and AfPak region, and the growing distrust of the three 'Ws - White House, Wall Street and Willing connivance of Corporate America. It may be interesting to have a look at the slogans enchanted by the protestors on the Wall Street, which include End the Federal Reserve, Enough is Enough, Just because we cant see it does not mean it is not Happening, I cant afford a lobbyist, I am the 99 percent, etc. Another major thing happening in the US is the call for collective action by a website, the Anonymous. Individuals and groups are appearing in public as Anonymous, wearing the Guy Fawkes (orchestrator of the Gun Powder Plot in 1604) masks popularised by the comic book and film V for Vendetta. According to Wikipedia, Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is a group initiating active civil disobedience and spread through the Internet while staying hidden, originating in 2003 on the image board 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitised global brain. It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known. In its early form, the concept has been adopted by a decentralised online community acting anonymously in a coordinated manner, usually toward a loosely self-agreed goal, and primarily focused on entertainment. Beginning with 2008, the Anonymous collective has become increasingly associated with collaborative, international hacktivism, undertaking protests and other actions, often with the goal of promoting internet freedom and freedom of speech. Actions credited to Anonymous are undertaken by unidentified individuals, who apply the Anonymous label to themselves as attribution. Hence, in the absence of critical analysis of the situation by mainstream USAs media, it is important to view the sentiments of American people from the open source media like YouTube and Twitter. On October 6, Mr CTL remarked on a website, PoliticusUSA, as: The NYPD are at war with the protesters, and the war is continuously fuelled by the 'donations from the Wall Street banks, like the recent $4 (something) million from J.P. Morgan. I suggest you all play Deus Ex Human Revolution. That game will show just what is happening. These protesters need to hold onto their pickets till the end, and keep violence away. With the sheer amount of the 99 percent in NYC and around the country, one spark can set a flame that will burn down this country. DNIDIA 4 suggested the following agenda on a website: (1) Sever the agreement between the government and the Federal Reserve, and begin printing US dollars based on our collective assets as a nation. (2). Investigate 9/11, bring war profiteers to justice. (3). Force all officials who so obviously violate the Constitution, as routine daily business out of office. (4). After the treasonous criminals are out organising a constitutional convention so that war profiteering and manipulation to enslave us can never occur again. (5). Direct Participatory Democracy. (6). Universal HC. Another important trend is the development of liking for Republican Congressman, Ron Paul. He has come out with a revolutionary agenda, calling for an end of the long war and end of Federal Reserve, both targeted at the US Military Industrial Complex. The Occupy Wall Street movement and Paul have lot of commonality in taking up arms against corporate America. According to the Daily Telegraph, a group in London inspired by Occupy Wall Street now wants to occupy the London Stock Exchange; the perceived message is: Like our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Greece, Spain and Iceland, we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America. We also encourage the use of non-violence to achieve our ends and maximise the safety of all participants, said a punchy message on the groups website. The protestors who lack a centralised leadership system on the grounds that people get annoyed if someones in charge, say they wont leave until their demands are met - but what exactly are their demands? It took them a while to get them together, but now theyve revealed them: They want an end to capital punishment; an end to baseless police intimidation (this because four of their number were arrested); an end to wealth inequality; an end to corporate censorship; an end to the 'gilded age; they also want ends to health profiteering, American imperialism, and war. A week back, the Wall Street Executives mocked the protests by drinking champagne on the balconies of Wall Street. It is, indeed, a reminder of the French Revolution when Queen Marie Antoinette peeped through the balcony of her palace and asked a minister, if the people dont have bread, why dont they eat cake (Modern day capitalists even contest this phrase and opine that she never said it and it was some early queen of France, who uttered these words.) To remind the corporate America of the similarities between French Revolution and Occupy Wall Street movement, it may be pertinent to highlight the last days of Queen Marie Antoinette, refereeing to Wikipedia: She was finally tried by the Revolutionary Tribunal on October 14, 1793. Among the things she was accused of (most, if not all, of the accusations were untrue and probably lifted from rumours begun by libellees) were orchestrating orgies in Versailles, sending millions of livres of treasury money to Austria, plotting to kill the Duke of Orlans, incest with her son, declaring her son to be the new King of France and orchestrating the massacre of the Swiss Guards in 1792.The outcome of the trial had already been decided by the Committee of Public Safety around the time the Carnation Plot was uncovered, and she was declared guilty of treason in the early morning of October 16, after two days of proceedings. On the same day, her hair was cut off and she was driven through Paris in an open cart, wearing a simple white dress. At 12:15 pm, two and a half weeks before her 38th birthday, she was executed at the Place de la Rvolution (present-day Place de la Concorde). Her last words were: 'Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it, to Henri Sanson the executioner, whose foot she had accidentally stepped on after climbing the scaffold. Her body was thrown into an unmarked grave in the Madeleine cemetery, rue d'Anjou, (which was closed the following year). Her sister-in-law lisabeth was executed in 1794 and her son died in prison in 1795. With Wall Street barons brandishing glasses of Champaign from the balconies of the financial hub of corporate America and ridiculing innocent protestors on New York streets, who claim to be 99 percent of America, the stage may be setting for a repeat of history, this time it may be the Wall Street replacing the Bastille. n The writer is a freelance columnist and working on the phenomenon of Musharrafization of the Pakistani society as well as psychological effects of the Long War in the AfPak region. Email: