The people of Sindh were rightly expecting from their own elected PPP government, that it would give some relief to them as during the eight and half years long tenure of ex-military dictator General (r) Musharraf, they had suffered so much. Not even a single mega-development project was launched/completed to benefit the people of interior Sindh. To their disappointment, the PPP government is also doing the same in the name of so-called reconciliation. More or less the same situation was during the two tenures of Nawaz Sharif, ex-prime minister and head of PML-N. It appears, there is no good governance in Sindh. The government leaders are busy to resolve the genuine grievances of the people by issuing mere statements. The army of the ministers is just here only to get financial benefits. Deteriorating law and order situation, inflation, unabated corruption in every field, bad governance and irrelevance of government officials to the genuine problems of the people, show PPP government is cutting its feet with its own axe. Some problems on national level are; non-implementing of Water Accord 1991 after signing it over 22 years by not releasing 10 MAF water downstream Kotri, sad demise of Indus delta the sixth largest in the world, sea intrusion, environmental disaster in Sindh, unwanted brackish water coming from Punjab and Balochistan are adding salt to the injuries of the people of Sindh. An 85-year old Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah with poor memory as he himself admitted in the public meetings and his poor performance must act quickly to the urgent matters in Sindh. Further PPP Govt has some misunderstanding that Sindh is limited to only Karachi city. Therefore, it is generally neglecting rest of Sindh in mega development programmes. This is another tragedy. I suggest President Asif Ali Zardari that he should stop victimising people of Sindh in the name of so-called reconciliation and must replace the Sindh chief minister with some energetic and young person having sharp memory who can resolve the problems of the people of Sindh in general and interior Sindh in particular. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, October 17.