As per PILDAT survey, more than 76% reposed confidence in army but on the other hand, it also revealed that people are losing faith in the democratically elected stalwarts. The survey should be a matter of concern for all of us. Why, still people look towards Army, is because of their performance as an institution which is credible. Their system of merit, accountability and sincerity to the country are the plus points, which common people look for. No doubt, there are many follies, failures and short comings in individuals, serving in uniform but army as a whole doesnt support them. Examples are trial of three ex generals, court martial of a major within three days who was involved in copper theft case. Similarly, I saw a report which showed that more than Rs 72 billion (in 2009-10) were deposited by the forces in shape of taxes and duties. On the other hand some of our leaders still ask the US to keep Gen Kayani under their thumb and ditch ISI. While political wrangling is going on, innocent people are dying due to target killings. Industry and business activities are coming to grinding halt; PIA, Railways, Wapda, Steel Mills are in death throes. The politicians meanwhile are busy in a number of game. Now the society, particularly our youth are becoming vibrant and people are well aware of current affairs because of media. Therefore, the judgment should be taken seriously. Instead of condemning the martial law and making policies for the people, we saw the tug of war on October 12 also. Some people are now openly saying that Musharraf era was better than these days. It must be understood that a poor man thinks from his tummy not from brain. At least people were not committing suicide due to hunger. Higher education was flourishing and business activities were also contributing to economy. Yes, we should all condemn Martial Law, not through words but by actions. The best way of revenge from a military dictator could have been the provision of good living conditions to the people but, alas We failed in that. The way forward lies in working for the betterment of the people. Harboring militants and condemning militancy, violating supreme courts decisions, wearing three-piece suits and asking the nation to save energy and above all giving free hand to the looters will no longer work. The youth should now be the flag bearer of change. If we join hands together then we can get the looted money back from Swiss banks, make every leader and party to deliver and hold them accountable. Last but not least a serious effort is needed to delete millions of bogus vote from electoral rolls so as to ensure free and impartial elections. BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, October 17.