Prime Minister Gilani has remarked that all those who are clamouring for the dismissal of the assemblies should patiently wait for their turn in 2013 elections. There are no two opinions on the point that if democracy is to take root, the assemblies must complete their term for which they have been elected. Having said that, there is a certain criterion to which every democracy must adhere if it is to gain the confidence of the people. Defiance of an independent judiciary; harmful subservience to the American War on Terror at the cost of Pakistan's own sovereignty; corruption and deliberate destruction of institutions; rank insensitivity to inflation and law and order, to name a few, are a sad reflection of the state of our current democratic set-up. It is not for nothing that the opposition finds itself constantly able to justify a state of agitation. When the present dispensation assumed office, there was a unanimous consensus within the political circles that democracy must be given a chance and that the assembly should be leant unqualified support to complete its term. Gen. Musharrafs harsh and arbitrary rule had yet again brought home to the people that for all its shortfalls, Pakistan's future's best bet is a democracy. The PPPs argument that it had inherited a crown of thorns and needed some time to get the country out of the mess was met with generous nationwide understanding. Showing sensitivity to its dilemma, the 'friendly' opposition kept its criticism to a minimum. The fact that even as of now the criticism is being made in good faith cannot be ignored. If the oppositions intention had been to topple the government, it ignored several opportunities to do so. The most recent of these were the loadshedding riots all over the country. Therefore the Prime Minister is imagining things like anti-government conspiracies when the causes of the dissatisfaction with the government's performance are clear as day. He only needs to take a clear-eyed look at the multiple challenges confronting the country that have pushed it to the edge. A particular trait of the present dispensation is that it has been consistently inciting the public to anger by its utter disregard for dealing with crises urgently, efficiently and honestly. The first step towards solution of a crisis is to admit that it exists. The rulers need to come out of their 'everything is perfect utopian mindset. Only then can solutions be found.