There are multiple reasons behind the civil riots witnessed on the protest day announced for observing “Ishq-i-Rasool” day. It was seen that majority of rioters comprised youngsters wearing genes, juveniles and children that torched vehicles, looted shops and threw stones on police while the religious parties held organized protest processions with ‘flag bearing members. Apart from troublemakers in the mob there appears to be a feeling of despondency amongst the poor the so-called ‘have-nots’, unemployed youth and children about the general malaise of corrupt rulers catapulted to the top government positions. One of the inciting factors was the energy crisis created by the government and its all allies in not building Kalabagh Dam for the past four decades and relying on expensive imported oil to generate power. As for as the freedom of speech is concerned hate crimes against Muslims do not fall in the ambit of freedom of speech. The judgement of US Supreme Court that crying fire as a false alarm in a theatre leading to stampede of viewers deaths does not qualify as freedom of speech is enough to incriminate the film makers.

Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti,

Lahore, October 17.