ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to get the degrees of all of its employees verified from the departments concerned as the new chief Syed Tahir Shahbaz has ordered formulation of new HR policy within fortnight. “A committee headed by Member Administration has been assigned task to formulate new Human Resource policy suggesting options for criteria of recruitment as well as transfer,” a senior CDA official told this agency.

He said as the number of CDA employees has increased manifold but the authority lacked any training system for them, so the policy would also suggest training mechanism for the CDA staffers whose work involves massive public dealing.

He said with increase in number of employees, the workload as well as the financial liability has also been increased but the output was not up to the satisfaction.

He said the CDA chairman has put a ban on new recruitment until the new HR policy is finalised, adding the committee has been tasked to table the policy draft before the CDA Board within two weeks.

The policy would also suggest criteria for postings of CDA officers on rotation basis to ensure smooth working of the CDA.

The officer said among the criterion being mulled for fresh appointments also includes recruitment through Federal Public Service Commission; however, the CDA Board would take final decision in this regard.

The officer said earlier, taking action on some complaints, the FIA had asked the CDA for degrees verification of employees; but the process was slow that would now be accelerated for early completion.

He said the degrees verification was inevitable as in the past; people had been getting jobs in the CDA just furnishing the photocopies of their educational credentials that ultimately undermined the CDA functioning.

Meanwhile,  Pakistan Science Foundation is starting a weekly programme in the universities and other institutions.

Talking to this agency, Spokesperson PSF, Rehana Batool said interviews of different scientists, scientific documentaries and news would be broadcasted in this programme.

The main objective is to give people awareness regarding scientific development in the country, she said.

Rehana Batool said the PSF was working for the establishment of science centres, museums, promotion of scientific societies, organisation of periodical science conferences, exchange of visits of scientists with other countries, prizes and fellowships to individuals engaged in developing processes of consequence to the economy of the country.

“PSF holds science caravans or mobile science exhibition, which are mounted on specially designed vehicles,” she said.

At present, nine science caravan units are functional, two for each of the four provinces and one is stationed at Islamabad.

“” will help to encourage the youth to come forward and excel in the field of science and technology, she said, adding hopefully first programme will be on air by the end of this month.