BAHAWALPUR - Residents of Khanqa Sharif attacked Khanqa Sharif Mepco Subdivision for suspending power supply to their tube wells and made captive all the staff including the subdivisional officer, besides beating up the staff.

However, the Wapda Union protested and threatened if the persons who attacked were not arrested, they would shut down the electricity of the entire subdivision. Subdivision Meter Inspector Malik Jameel, Malik Aziz and Riaz Noon disconnected the connections of tube wells and removed the meters. Meanwhile, Malik Zubair Sial, Jam Fida and hundreds of other people of the area gathered at the subdivision and told the Mepco officials to restore their connections on gunpoint and threatened them of dire consequences.

These people took captive the officials while SDO Abdul Rauf saved his life by entering the grid station. These people let them go after the restoration of their connections.

It has been told that almost 200 tube well owners of the area did not pay the bills and they owe Rs50 to 60 million to Mepco and whenever the Mepco officials take action for the collection of the dues, they thrash them.

Police Station Sama Satta and Police Musafir Khana were informed but the police did not take any action and only registered a case.

 Mepco union officials condemned the incident and demanded arrest of these culprits as soon as possible.