ISLAMABAD  - Encroachments on Lehtar Road have been declared a security threat by the security agencies, but the authorities concerned have failed in removing the encroachments neat Khanna Pull.

In this connection, SHO, Shahzad Town Police Station, Inspector Faiz Ranjha informed that monthly Rs1.5 extortion money was being collected from the area. “We have written to the anti-encroachment department of the CDA many times but am effective solution could not be cared out yet.”

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Amir Ali said that ending encroachments from the road near Khanna Pull was the responsibility of the CDA, adding, when they would ask the district government for help, its ACs and magistrates would fulfil their duties. It is pertinent to mention here that smooth flow of vehicular traffic is also hindered due to the abundance of kiosks, handcarts and small vendors, besides creating problems for the pedestrians.

When asked, a traffic police official deployed at Khanna Pull said that they did not have authority to clear the road of the grabbers, and they could resolve the encroachment problem, if given authority. When INP asked the vendors doing business on Lehtar Road that who allowed them to encroach on the road, they said they paid Rs100 daily to a person, named Aamir, to do the business there.