NEW YORK - Encouraging medical news for 14-year-old Taliban shooting victim, Malala Yousafzai, with reports that she has come out of her coma and is slowly regaining consciousness.

Adam Ellick, a correspondent for The New York Times, reported on Twitter and Facebook that the teenager, who was shot by the Taliban for ‘promoting secularism’, has come out of her coma. While she is not fully conscious, she appeared to have feelings in all her limbs.

According to Atlantic Wire, There are more reports from England that Malala is responding well to treatment and has a good chance of fully recovering without any brain damage.

Adam Ellick said new development suggests that she hasn’t suffered any permanent physical damage as result of the attack.

Earlier AFP reported that the 14-year-old girl shot in the head by the Taliban was in a stable condition in a British hospital on Wednesday as well-wishers from around the world left her messages of support.

Doctors said Malala Yousafzai spent a second comfortable night at the highly specialised Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, central England, which is accustomed to treating British soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday she “remained in a stable condition and continued to impress doctors by responding well to her care,” a hospital spokesman said.

The teenager’s family were still in Pakistan, he added.

Donations towards her care, which is being funded by the Pakistani government, are being received by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s charity while hundreds of people have left messages of support on the hospital’s website, lauding her campaigning and praying for her recovery.

The well-wishers are from countries including Pakistan, Britain, India, the United States, Libya, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Rwanda and the Netherlands.

“We the Pakistanis are so sorry that a little girl like you had to stand up for all of us. If we had shown some courage you would have been safe and healthy today. Malala, get well please, we need you,” wrote Durre Nayab.

“Please accept my and my family’s gratitude for what you have stood for. You are a true daughter of Pakistan. We are in your debt forever. Get well soon,” said Munir Pervaiz.

Ajmal Khan wrote: “We salute your courage and your commitment toward your cherished goal.

“I personally was in tears when I heard of your ordeal. But hopefully you will get well soon and start your mission again with the same spirit and agility.”

A message book has also been opened at Council House, the headquarters of Birmingham’s local authority.

Birmingham has a 100,000-strong ethnic Pakistani community - a tenth of the city’s population.

Cards, letters and gifts to Malala are being handled by the city’s Pakistani consulate.

Malala ‘comes out’ of coma