There is much news about nominees for the Noble prizes for different field. Unfortunately, our media keeps announcing the birthdays of actors and actresses from the neighboring country, rather than who is being nominated for such laudable positions and what makes them eligible for it.

The growing numbers of private TV channels, instead of improving the subjects for our viewer ship, have started filling up the time slots with trash. They have no shows which improve or enhance our education or information. They never conduct programs regarding great achievements by physicists, doctors, scientists, engineers who are nominated for the Noble prize.

Our TV channels should focus more on intellectual programs to win the global race of knowledge and inspire young minds to think.

The main focus of our TV shows is on romantic plays, singing and dancing shows or reality shows, which have a lot of violence, there is nothing to incline the youth to pursue knowledge. I remember during my school and college days (in 70’s) when there was only one TV channel, PTV, it used to air programs about science and technology very regularly every week and my whole family used to watch it keenly.


Karachi, October 11.