Our present and past corrupt and greedy rulers, bureaucrats and technocrats have kept Sindh poor. Poverty is pervasive in the rural areas of Sindh. Nearly 62 percent of the population lives below poverty line in. Organized corruption by the rulers has left millions in shameful poverty, while our corrupt and morally bankrupt rulers, bureaucrats and technocrats are becoming billionaires, with huge accounts in local and foreign banks and businesses in the Middle East and other European countries.      

The menace of poverty forces many young people to become criminals. Once these ill-fated young people, sometimes educated, enter the criminal world, the feudal lords and politicians exploit them. Had the present PPP rulers carried out some policies to reform the rural economy and had they launched some programs to reduce poverty and increase spending on agriculture, education, health, water, irrigation, transport and telecommunications, then, they would have had a strong vote bank as well as people who were content and happy. Sindh has enormous potential for agricultural development, livestock, dairy farming and would have benefited tremendously from some government backed programs to help the locals achieve this.


Islamabad, October 15.