KARACHI  - Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA- Karachi) has urged the concerned authorities to keep a vigilant eye upon “Chlorination” of water supplied to Karachiites so as to prevent Naegleria Fowleri, the viral infection that causes severe damage to brain and is also fatal.Dr Zeeshan Hussain Ansari, a PIMA office bearer on Wednesday took strong exception to a report released by government authorities showing that Chlorine ie 2ppm but unfortunately carries almost 99 per cent mortality. He therefore urged the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) authorities and other relevant officials to ensure that properly treated water is supplied to the citizens under all circumstances.Police arrest 35 accused: The Karachi police in their on-going drive against criminals, arrested 35 accused during the past 24 hours.A police statement on Wednesday said that those arrested included three absconders and one proclaimed offender.It said that there were three encounters of the police with the alleged criminals and an equal number of gangs of alleged criminals busted during the period.In all, 25 pistols, two daggers and a mobile phone recovered from the possession of the accused, the police statement further pointed out.The police have registered cases against the accused and started investigation.