HAFIZABAD - Acting District Coordination Officer Sohail Ahmad Khan said that it is the responsibility of every citizen to get his name registered in the electoral roll and to cast a vote.

He was addressing a seminar held to observe the National Voters' Day arranged by Election Commission of Pakistan at Hafizabad.

He said that in the democratic countries non-registration of vote and avoiding to casting a vote are considered disloyalty thus we will have to get registered to cast votes to fulfill our national responsibility.

He said that by the grace of Almighty Allah, social and political sectors were improving day by day and we should not get disappointed regarding the future of the country in the presence of free, powerful media and judiciary and enlightened people of the country.

He said that process of positive change was underway in the society, in which result, the country would make progress and become prosper soon. He said, "We should set aside our vested interest and should cast our votes not because of relations but we should elect people-friendly leadership to carry out our country towards progress and prosperity."

Hafizabad Election Commissioner Amar Javed, acting district coordination officer Sohail Ahmad Khan, District Officer (Social Welfare) Muhammad Saleem, Gender Specialist Muhammad Arshad and representatives of different NGOs also addressed the seminar.