KARACHI - Pakistan Steel Mills employees have welcomed management’s decision of increasing their pay scales after some four years.According to the details, though the government announces raise in public sector workers’ salaries in budget but the PSM employees, working under the Ministry of Production, did not get the raise except annual increments. A special case happened in Pakistan Steel Mills when the Charter of Demand for the workers was approved in 2009 and increase in salaries of officers was kept folded in the files.Now, the management has decided to increase the salaries of all regular employees including workers and officers which are almost 17000 in strength. On the other side, sources said Peoples Workers Union CBA decided to announce their Charter of Demand on 19th of Oct (Friday) in a workers convention by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Shah, but officers enhancement was still not announced. Earlier, PSM spokesman said that after the approval of PSM management the Charter of Demand and proposal for the enhancement of PSM officers salaries and other benefits was finally passed unanimously by the Pakistan Steel Board of Directors in meeting held in Islamabad. The spokesman congratulated all workers, officers, Pakistan Steel Peoples Workers Union CBA, its chairman & member Board Shamshad Qureshi on behalf of the management. He added that PSM’s current management, under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Major General (r) Mohammad Javed, is working for the stability and increase in production of the mill along with the efforts for the welfare of employees. The financial impact required for this welfare of the PSM employees was provided on the instructions of President Asif Ali Zardari and Rs 3 billion were announced by the Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf along with other important Cabinet members on his visit to Pakistan Steel, out of which Rs 2 billions were delivered to Pakistan Steel and remaining Rs 1 billion is attached with 50% production of Pakistan Steel. He said that now it’s the duty and major responsibility of each and every employee of PSM to work hard for the improvement of production so that PSM will never need any bailout or grant. PSM spokesman said that this increase in salaries will not be a financial burden on PSM.