FAISALABAD - Under the EU Autonomous Preference Scheme, Pakistan will make a net gain of 31.4% in export of textiles, said Mujeeb Ahmad Khan, the head of WTO Cell TDAP.

Talking to members of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mujeeb explained that value of exports for 2011 was US$ 1709 million and under the Scheme, the exports are estimated to rise to US$ 2246 million yielding in net increase of 537 million.

He said that under the EU Preference Scheme, 26 items are under tariff regulated quotas (TRQ) while 49 items were admissible under Non-Tariff Regulated Quota for export to EU. He further stated that in total 75 items are at HS Code 8 digit level have been granted duty free market access out of which 26 items are under quantity based tariff rate quota while 49 items are under a 25% quantity increase limit base on average of last three years export.

He gave details of comparative statement of various items for EU exports which were entitled to these concessionary rates. Mr Mujeeb informed the members that under quota management EC Regulation No 2454/93 for the remaining two months of year 2012, only 25% of the annual quota would be availed for duty free access from November 1, 2012. Giving details of the procedural regulation, he said EU importers will apply to the custom authorities of the relevant EU member state to avail the benefit of tariff rate quota on first come first served basis.

These requests by EU importers, he said, for TRQ will be entertained with reference to the date on which custom declaration is accepted by the authorities of the concerned EU member states.

Regarding quota management regulation, he informed the members of the Chamber that EU importers and all interested parties will themselves be able to monitor the state of quota utilisation at any given time on the EC Directorate General of Taxation and Custom Union (TAXUD website).

Furthermore, as and when 90% of the total quota quantity is used up, its status will be considered critical and an alert will be posted on the website against that particular tariff line. Based on this alert, member states may demand a guarantee for the relevant duty from the EU importer.

 About quota management, he said that the quota management will be done by European Commission. The basic role of Pakistani authorities related to the issuance of Certificate of Origin confirming that the exported products are of Pakistani origin so that they can quality for the ATP concessions.

He further stated that in the wake of these concessions and by making best use of these facilities, the Pakistani exporters can increase their exports to EU countries. He further revealed that by availing these facilities Pakistan will make double gain; firstly, they will avail the quota facilities and increase the volume of their exports and secondly, Pakistan will qualify for further concessions in the year 2014 when this quota region for these items is reviewed.

He exhorted the textile exporters to avail this opportunity and if they feel any difficulty they could approach to the concerned website which is available on 24 hours basis. The meeting was also attended by Director TDAP Mr Muhammad Naseer and other prominent textile exporters of Faisalabad.