SADIQABAD - Transporters Association Pakistan President Muhammad Afzal Warraich told the media that the transport sector was on the brink of destruction because of everyday increase in the petroleum products' prices.  "The system of changing petroleum products' prices on weekly basis exists nowhere in the world. And the rulers are hell bent on making every field failed," said the association president. "Bureaucracy through everyday increase in the petroleum products' prices was widening the gulf between the rulers and the people in order to send the rulers home forever."

He said that because of the increase, the transporters were forced to increase fares, thereby transferring the burden on the common man and leading to daily clashes between transporters and the commuters. He demanded that the government should withdraw its decision to change petroleum products' prices weekly else the transporters across the country will go on wheel-jam strike.

He was of the view that the federal government should put such burden on the people as they could bear. He said that the government was not alive to the increased volume of dearness because of the fuel prices increase. He added that it had made the transporters' survival difficult. He said that the transport sector was in the loss, urging the government to get rid of its incapable advisers and take some people-friendly decisions. 

15 AEO appointed: Education Department has appointed 15 male and female AEO each to supervise targets set under the Chief Minister's Education Roadmap.  A Education Department official said that they would inspect and control the education standard in 574 male and 552 female primary and elementary schools of the district.

According to him, AEO Manzoor Hussain had been given 35 schools, AEO Rana Imtiaz 40 schools, AEO Akram 41 schools, AEO Ms Shahida Gull 42 schools, AEO Ms Tasneem 41 schools, AEO Sajida Nazir 41 schools, AEO Munawar Hussain 34 schools, AEO Khalida Perveen 41 schools, AEO Gulshad Mazhar 36 schools, AEO Rahat Afza 40 schools, AEO Sh Ehsan 33 schools, AEO Bushra Javed 36 schools, AEO Nasreen Akhtar 30 schools, AEO Munir Ahmad 44 schools, AEO Robina Naz 36 schools, AEO Raza Hussain 42 schools, AEO Shamshad Akhtar 36 schools, AEO Tariq Kathiana 44 schools, AEO Samina Naheed 37 schools, AEO Ziaullah 44 schools, AEO Iffar Kiani 40 schools, AEO Munir Saeed 44 schools, AEO Rehana 38 schools, M Hanif 30 schools, AEO Ansa Fatima 28 schools and AEO Abdul Hamid 42 schools.